∇  Nightwood is a Brooklyn based furniture, textile and interior design duo specializing in our own hand made furniture and textiles. We design and make our own works with a down to earth yet airy aesthetic and sensibility to convey a modern rusticity that emphasizes hand crafted one-of-a-kind works of functional art. The two halves of Nightwood are  Ry Scruggs and Nadia Yaron.  We are the creators and makers behind Nightwood.  Old things, primitive practices, creative reuse and natural materials inspire us both. We have been collaborating since 2003 and our vision is complemented and completed by each other’s work.

φ Our design sensibility is inherently inspired by nature so we locally source and hand-select natural materials for the majority of our work.  All our products are hand crafted by us and they display the artisanal process of creation that we infuse in each and every piece.  We prefer to use organic and sustainable materials whenever possible. 

≥ In addition to our handcrafted furnishings and textiles, we bring the essence of our aesthetic and philosophy to interior design. You can find a portfolio of our work in the Interiors section of our main menu.  We find it ultimately rewarding to apply our diverse skill set to a whole environment while uniting all the elements that bring life into any space.  We also find great satisfaction  in creating a space to live, work or play that combines style with ease. We have experience working on commercial and residential projects throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.  We offer a unique point of view and a hands-on approach to fulfilling your interior’s custom fabrication needs.

Ξ The Collection is a gallery of all our products.  This catalogs many of our one of a kind works that are available through custom order as well as pieces that are in stock and ready to purchase from the showroom.  You’ll also find furnshings listed from our Made To Order line that can be made to any quantity with a short lead time in the specifications listed.  Items in our Made To Order Collection can be customized but will affect pricing.

∂ The  Gallery is a portfolio of new and past works  including a collection of some of our favorite pieces and projects as well works in progress. These listings are not readily available but can be used as the model for your own order.

∏ The Shop is where you’ll find works available for purchase online.  These pieces are Readymade or Made To Order as listed with your purchase.  Made To Order pieces will show natural variations where noted due to the nature of materials and hand crafting.  These are the only works that can be readily purchased online–due to the size and  non-modularity of our furniture, many pieces cannot be easily shipped and are thus not available for direct online purchase, though many of our Collection listings can be purchased and shipped through inquiring with our sales team at info@nightwoodny.com.



Furniture, Textiles & Interiors