Our Story

brooklyn_furniture_company_nightwood_01Nightwood is a small Brooklyn based furniture, textiles and interiors outfit specializing in our own hand made furniture and textiles. We design and make our own works with a down to earth yet airy aesthetic and sensibility to convey a modern rusticity that emphasizes hand crafted one-of-a-kind works of functional art. The two halves of Nightwood are Ry Scruggs and Nadia Yaron. Old things, primitive practices, creative reuse and natural materials inspire us both. We have been collaborating since 2003 and our vision is complemented and completed by each other’s work.

Our products are hand crafted by us so they are one of a kind due to the nature of production and materials used.  We locally source salvaged, antique, reclaimed and scrap woods when possible as well as some new for all our wood furniture.  We use organic and sustainable fabrics when possible as well as woven scraps in our textile-based products. In addition we use vintage refurbished frames for many of our signature reincarnated dressers, chairs and couches.

Nightwood also brings the essence of our aesthetic and philosophy to our interior designs. You can find a portfolio of our work in the Interiors section of our main menu.  We find it ultimately rewarding to apply our diverse skill set to a whole environment and tie in all the elements that bring new life into any space, big or small.  We’ve worked on both commercial and residential projects throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.  We can specialize our services to suit your interior project’s needs.  Contact us for more info and/or a quote.


The products listed in our Catalog are singular works and only one of each listing is available unless otherwise specified.  Made To Order furniture items can be ordered in the specifications listed with a 4-6 week lead time. Follow the link from each item to contact us for info or to purchase or email us at info@nightwoodny.com to set up an appointment to view in person.


Our Custom section is a gallery of past works that have been ordered and customized to the clients specifications.  You’ll find particular products are only available through Custom order (like beds and built-ins).  We’ve included an extensive collection of custom projects to give you ideas and references for your own project.  These listings are not readily available but can be used as the model for your own order.  Materials, texture, colors and finish will vary making each custom order truly original.  We fabricate individual items and larger installations alike.  You’ll find listings of both in the Custom gallery.  Our standard lead time for all custom orders is 10 weeks from deposit unless otherwise specified in your estimate and we take a 50% deposit to start all orders.  Contact us with your custom project inquiry with available specifications for an estimate.